Whole Body Cryotherapy at Its Best!

Beauty & Wellness

The cryosauna can help all kinds of skin conditions such as scarring, psoriasis, acne, eczema and more! It is a natural answer when it comes to looking your best.

How can the cryosauna treat acne?

Most acne, whether on the face or anywhere else, is caused by inflammation within the body. To put it simply, when you reduce inflammation, you reduce acne!

How can the cryosauna help my psoriasis? I've tried everything else!

This is something we hear all the time from those suffering from psoriasis. They're tired of creams and medications, and tanning may help reduce it a little, but it's bad for the skin. The cryosauna has been known to reduce psoriasis. Instead of just treating the surface of the skin, the cryosauna causes the body to recognize the source of the problem and can help to prevent it from surfacing.

Can the cryosauna make me look younger?

Whole-body cryotherapy can improve the general condition of the skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin, leaving your skin firm and tight.

You may be wondering, "How am I able to burn so many calories?"

It's actually a very simple process!

Your body produces heat to make up for the drop in temperature. Here's how that happens:

While in the cryosauna, very dry cool air flows over the surface of your skin, and your body's cold receptors are triggered. Even though the air is too dry to penetrate the skin, your body is tricked into thinking otherwise, so it jumps into hyper-healing mode! The blood is pulled inward, away from the extremities and into your core, and your body revs up its heat production to protect your core, which triggers a major metabolism boost. The surface of the skin is cooled very quickly, going from 90.5 degrees(normal skim temp) to 30-32 degrees, and your body uses mass amounts of energy to try and bring warmth back to the surface of the skin. During this process, your body successfully raises the skin's temperature to 95 degrees for about a minute, which not only accounts for much of the metabolism boost, but also helps to tighten the skin.

We do like to remind those who are using the cryosauna for weight-loss to take notice of how much you are eating after your sessions. A metabolism boost can also mean a hunger boost, so it is best to have a light healthy snack to curb your appetite shortly after your session. This will help you to avoid eating too much later! Keep in mind the portion-size you normally eat, and make sure you aren't accidentally going too far over that amount.

Many of our clients notice more energy and improved focus after their cryo-sessions, so if you were going to pick a time to start dieting and exercising, now is the best time to start! Many of our clients have felt motivated from the effects of the cryosauna to change their lives, whether it's a new workout regimen, starting a healthy diet or kicking bad habits such as smoking.






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