Whole Body Cryotherapy at Its Best!

Before and After

All photos are of actual Cryo-X clients.

Acne Before and After Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Most acne is caused by excess inflammation in the body. The cryosauna reduces inflammation on an extreme level, and therefore, can reduce acne!

Swollen ankle before and after just ONE session...

Fungus Before and After Cryo

Our customer had this to say about her before and after pictures: “The before picture was taken June 9th. The after picture was taken July 18th. This is a systemic fungus that I've had for years! Doctors always have told me to put Selsun Blue on it, which helps it temporarily but ALWAYS comes back. I have never actually been diagnosed, but I've had people tell me it's Tinea Versicolor. Not sure what it is exactly, but it's definitely fungus. The first time I remember having it was in Jr. High, and I've had it off & on over the years. This is the only thing that's EVER cleared it up. It's aggravated by sugar, yeast and corn consumption. EVERY dermatologist in the metroplex needs to see these pictures.”

Swollen Hand Before and After Cryo

His hand had been swollen for TWO YEARS. His ring had not been able to come off for two years either. After just ONE session in the cryosauna, his ring FELL OFF of his hand! What an amazing testimonial!






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