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Health & Pain Management

Inflammation is the root of all evil within the body. It can lead to severe pain and illness. Lucky for you, the cryosauna can reduce inflammation on an extreme level, while also strengthening your immune system.

Reducing inflammation is a quick way to relieve pain and swelling, whether it's your back, shoulder, knee or anything else! Whether you've pulled a muscle, are suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, just had surgery, or you've got an all-over aching body, we're sure you will find relief at Cryo-X!

How does the cryosauna help relieve pain?

This hyper-cooling process leads to hyper-healing. While in the cryosauna, blood is pulled inward to the core, picking up oxygen and nutrients along the way. The brain sends out a signal to scan all areas of the body, and is then able to acknowledge any areas that may be in need of repair. Once your session is completed, the blood returns to the extremities, now filled with higher levels of oxygen and nutrients. The oxygen is able to open up areas of inflammation and send the nutrients in to begin the repair process. Oxygen is another key ingredient to health and wellness within the body. It is one of the primary sources of energy for metabolic functions in cells.

Not only can the cryosauna cause a reduction in inflammation, but it can also lead to a higher pain tolerance. While in the cryosauna, the body releases pain-blocking endorphins in the brain. This means that whatever pain you may be left with (if any) you will be able to tolerate much better. Think of it as your body's own natural Advil. Go ahead and call yourself Superman!

How soon can I come in after surgery?

The cryosauna can boost your circulation, so you wouldn't want to use it if you're still bleeding. As long as you are no longer bleeding, it is safe to use the cryosauna.

What if I still have stitches?

No problem! As long as you are not bleeding, you may use the cryosauna. We will provide you material to cover the stitches with while you are in the cryosauna.

Does the cold need to directly touch my injury for me to heal?

No. That is a common misconception. The cold does not have to directly touch the injured area for recovery. The cryosauna is instigating an internal process, and the cold air is simply triggering that process. Most of your healing will actually take place upon your stepping out of the cryosauna.

Another benefit to using the cryosauna is an increase in endorphins, the body's "happy hormones!" The cryosauna has been known to help treat those suffering from anxiety or depression.

While in the cryosauna, the body also regulates it's serotonin production, meaning it may improve your focus, and can help treat and prevent migraines.

Want to sleep like a baby? If you've been suffering from insomnia, there is hope for you! At Cryo-X, we treat people all the time who've had trouble sleeping.






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