Whole Body Cryotherapy at Its Best!

Localized Cryo


Localized cryotherapy creates a powerful response to pain and inflammation! 3-8 minutes is the equivalent of 8-10 HOURS of an ice-pack! 

Blood vessels constrict, slowing inflammation immediately to the affected area. Almost any part of the body can be targeted. Wherever you're hurting, we've got you covered! And unlike other cryo places, we don't charge you per area. You have a full 30 minutes to use however you like! Localized cryotherapy can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars. Our clients have seen scars go from deep purple in color to skin tone! Come experience the many benefits of localized cryotherapy, such as pain reduction, decreased inflammation and swelling, and quicker recovery time. 

Your first treatment is just $10, and only $15 per session after that! Purchase a 3-pack for just $40. 


Have you ever rubbed an ice cube on your face to tighten your skin and shrink your pores? It would take 8-10 HOURS of ice to achieve what our machines can deliver in just 10 minutes! Our cryo facials are self-serve, making them extra comfortable and affordable! We'll turn the machine on for you, set the timer, and show you how to use the wand. It's so easy, and makes for a very comfortable experience in which you are in complete control! Cryo-facials are just 10 minutes and give you instant results! Your skin will feel instantly tighter, and after just a few treatments, you'll notice the reduction of fine lines, and a more even complexion. Many clients do regular cryo-facials to clear up acne. It can truly work wonders on the skin! We have gentle makeup remover wipes, so you can start with a clean palette. (If needed) 

Your first cryo-facial is just $10, and $15 per treatment after that. Purchase a 3-pack for $40!






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