Whole Body Cryotherapy at Its Best!


We "freeze" athletes every day at Cryo-X. Some prefer the cryosauna for recovery, while others prefer it before their workout. There are benefits to both!

Athletes who "freeze" before a workout find that they are more relaxed, focused, energized and flexible. Due to the high levels of inflammation reduction, the muscles are prepped for your best workout yet!

Athletes who "freeze" after a workout find that they are in less pain and get a deeper sleep. D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness) is something that many athletes typically suffer from. That is, waking up the day after your workout feeling sore and sensitive all over. Lucky for those who use the cryosauna after a workout, they'll find themselves waking up the next day in very little pain, and sometimes pain free!

At Cryo-X, we hear people questioning their workouts because they're so used to feeling pain for days afterward. They'll say, "Maybe I didn't work out hard enough, because I'm not hurting at all!" We just remind them that the cryosauna took care of the pain so that they can get back to another intense workout!

Can I use the cryosauna before and after my workout?

Yes, you can! We have many clients who use the cryosauna twice a day. At Cryo-X, we call that a "double freeze!" It is best to wait 3-4 hours in between sessions so your body can receive the maximum benefits of the whole-body cryotherapy process.

I'm not a professional athlete. I just workout to maintain my weight and health. Will I benefit from using the cryosauna?

Definitely! You do not have to be a professional athlete to see major recovery from the cryosauna. It benefits people from all walks of life. After all, nobody is immune to injuries. Many of our clients find the cryosauna is extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with their physical therapy. The cryosauna can help anyone recover from pain.






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