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  • joy basia melendy (Wednesday, June 19 13 07:10 pm EDT)

    I GOT A PHONE CALL NONE OF US EXPECTS AND ANYONE WOULD DREAD. My doctor told me I had a malignant tumor in my womb. I had two unexpected surgeries in 30 days--CAN YOU SAY INFLAMMATION?!! That's when I heard about the benefits of Whole Body Cryo Therapy. I am forever grateful!

    I did 10 Cryo-X sessions in the 12 days leading up to the second surgery. Then after the second surgery, I did 3-4 Cryo-X sessions per week for four weeks. I felt my body launch into HYPER-HEALING mode after each treatment!

    Unfortunately, I went into immediate menopause, due to a complete hysterectomy to remove the tumor. However, what's interesting is that I had not one hot flash during the month I was doing 3-4 Cryo-X sessions per week. However, when I flew to the Oregon Coast for forced rest, one month post-surgery, with no Cryo, I began having hot flashes five times a day! You connect the dots...

    Just nine days post-second surgery, I was walking 30-90 minutes a day. Today, nine weeks post-surgery, I'm running 30-45 mins three times a week & doing weights two to three times weekly. I don't believe I would've been able to bounce back as quickly without the benefits of Cryo. I am a believer and would recommend Cryo-X to help you overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way of your best health. Thanks Alicia!

    Your Partner in a Healthier Tomorrow,

    joy basia melendy

  • John (Wednesday, July 25 12 02:39 pm EDT)

    Wonderful product and great service. I love my Cryo! Thanks for everything you have done for me.

  • Lila LeCrone (Thursday, March 08 12 05:54 pm EST)

    I have had rotor cuff surgery and the range of motion coming back was really going slow. I have had several cryo-x treatments and my physical therapist is amazed at the progress.
    The people at the cryo center were amazing!!!

  • Basketball Player (Tuesday, January 10 12 01:02 pm EST)

    Cryo-X has helped me get over my soreness if I use it the next day after playing basketball. Great product and great service.

  • Erica Norwood (Thursday, December 08 11 02:43 pm EST)

    I have Never been a morning person. However, after using the cryo-sauna (only 3 times so far) I find myself waking up 2-3 hours Before my alarm clock goes off feeling happy, awake and energized. I should also mention that I used to have difficulty even falling asleep. Since using the cryo-sauna, my time management has Greatly improved as I am able to fall asleep Much more quickly at night. Plus, the quality of sleep I'm getting now is So much deeper. My skin has become clearer, and my energy level is Amazing! The cryo-sauna has improved many areas of my health in a very short time period. I'm so excited about the good sleep I've been getting that I'd be happy to continue my cryo-therapy even if Just for that purpose. I'm hooked (:

  • Lindsey (Tuesday, December 06 11 10:33 am EST)

    I used the Cryo-X for the first time last week and I have never felt so refreshed and energized! I will def be going back for some more sessions!

  • Danielle (Tuesday, November 29 11 11:12 pm EST)

    After just two sessions I have noticed a small amount of feeling returning in a location that I had surgery and haven't had any feeling in up to this point. I think with more sessions the feeling may completely return! Other than that, I also feel super energized after the session and sleep great at night! Can't wait to see what other results i will get from the cryosauna!

  • Refreshed Mommy (Monday, November 28 11 11:52 am EST)

    I used Cryo-X for the first time today. I am a mother of two and one of my little ones was up all through the night with a cough. I had my Cryotherapy today. As soon as I finished I felt energized and refreshed. It is a natural refreshing energy. Not the shaky crash and burn kind you get from Caffeine. I would recommend this to anyone. The service was great as well. Couldn't ask for a better experience!

  • Happy customer (Sunday, November 27 11 07:21 pm EST)

    Today was my first time using a cryosauna, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't feel anywhere near as cold as I'd anticipated. In fact, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. The entire experience was relaxing, and I left feeling renewed and energized. I will Definitely be back!






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